UN / Sustainable Development Goals Human Rights, Federations, Nations, Charters, Constitutions and the State of the Union, Reclaiming Lost Values

Safety, Security, Culture, Education and the Global Market,Towards Peace and Sustainability 2030 - Plant vs Synthetic Spectrum of Therapeutics

Land, Water, Ecosystems Safety and Security

Plant - Synthetic Spectrum of Therapeutics
Our mission through using technology for good providing a global market, access for exchange,
services, impartial relief and an equal voice to all human kind through
culture, health and education, developing peace economies, energy conservation and sustainable societies
in the 21st century and beyond bringing joy to billions.

The World is Our Classroom....Education is Our Religion
Humanity is Our Politics

This forum is utilized for advancing world peace and mediation towards providing a voice,
peace and security for all people.

Some of the content on this page may be deemed offensive to some populations.
Please State - Why this offended or why you defended your position.
Please also state what you did to change the situation from negative to positive.
How did you solve the problem to create sustainable solutions?
This form is utilized for open debate. Note - we encourage peaceful resolutions, supporting peace culture development and the exchange of global knowledge.
ABC-IQ does not advocate for the use of negative science or destruction of human life.

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SAFETY AND SECURITY, Culture, Education and the Global Market,Towards Peace and Sustainability 2030

Reclaiming The Lost Ways of The Past, Applying to the Present, While Preparing, Preserving and Developing a Sustainable Global Future.

Questions for Exploration - United Nations / Federation Countries /World / Big Data Collection

ABC-IQ Research Agenda - Questions for exploration are noted on each course page in development for data collection and testing.

2020 - 2030

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2020 - 2030 Alliance Sustainable Development Goals

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