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Preparing for the Experience / Prevention is Key / Viewer Discretion is Advised

Home School High School / Age 15+ / I AM

Sustainability and Alternative Education

Blended Home / School Skills Center / Foundations Post Secondary Programs

Learners have one year from the date of enrollment for completion of desired program.

For Certifications - Learners Must Attend a Skills Conference and Submit Skills Portfolios,

Write Examinations, Re-Certifications If Required

Level A, B, C, D, E, F, G Skills Programs

Expertise and Mastery / Experiences

Culture Experience Top 5 - Tests, Tips, Tunes, Tones, Tastes, Take Away's

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Moments of Reflection / Applications

Experiences for Gratitude and Appreciation

Networked 9 - Top 5- Life Changing Experiences (Multiple Intelligence - Demonstrate how you are smart)

Skills Share

In Residence Examiner / Program Residency

Students Must Reside in Country for 50% of Program / Regular In Person

Proficiency Skills Check - On Campus / In Residence

Check In with Program Advisors / Group Collaboration

Online Program

10% Service Learning

30% - ME Skills / 20% Travel / Experience Applications

Cultural Differentiation / Sensory Experience

Post Secondary / Game 13 - Requirement Skills Lab

Level A, B, C, D, E, F, G Programs

Diagnostics / Personalized Assessment

Adult Programs / Post Secondary Foundations

I AM ME - Mind / Emotion Energy

Celebration of Life / Existential Essentials

The Journey over TIME - Thought In Motion Eternally

The Sun / Nature, Stars and Human Evolution of VERITAS and Tears

VERITAS - Vibration Energy Reading Intuition Truth's Accurate Sensor (Solar Plexus SING)

ENERGY Thought Positive Creating Life

Feel the Resonance of the Instinct - in Your Chest - the G.P.S of "Yes"

I AM Still Here, I Did Not Part.

I AM ME -Calibrating Direction- Heart Center Feeling Energy

MIND AND EMOTION ENERGY of the Sun / Bingo - CHI / WE / Kaboom, Score / ME

"The ancestor to every experience is thought" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Humans Are Energy, Everything Else is Thought Culture.

There Is No Death, Only Eternal Life

Peace Out - Have Fun - Rock On - Seek Joy

For Freedom...For Love...Of The Experience...

Peace out...Rock On..

ABC-IQ I AM ME Mind Science Self Study Questions by ABC-IQ

ABC-IQ Tip - If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

What makes your heart sing joy? Life Skills

"A body that is at ease, is free of DIS - ease". Esther Hicks

Essential Skills ME - Mental and Emotional Health Training / Stress / Systematic Problem Solving

Task Based Learning - Arts Therapy - Sports - Safety - Sustainability Alternative's

I AM Mother Earth Skills - - Food For Life - Spectrum of Therapeutics - Health

Mind Science - Laws of Attraction - ME Skills Science

Mental and Emotional Health - Men' and Women

Grief - Celebration of Life - Sustainability - Alternative

Required Foundations One Term Online Student

Online One Year Program Practitioner

6 Weeks Me Skills Basics - In Residence

3 Months / One Term Mind Science - On Course / In Residence Lab

In Residence / Travel Learning / Job / Work Experience Lab

Arts Literacy / Task Based Learning / Self Defense

Systematic Problem Solving - Creative Meditation

Life Skills / Lifestyle / Culture and Environmental Education

Sustainability of Ecosystems - Migration - Observation

Weather and Climate Change

Service Learning

Food Services and Sustainability / Security / Leadership / Safety and Preparedness

Business / Finance and Economics - The Art of The Deal

Serving and Plating It Up / eYE cAnDY

Sports Psychology / Principled Principals Root Values and Leadership

Literacy Specialist / Educator / Assistant / Social Work / Child Care / Health Care

Physician / Healer / Case Worker / Counselor

Grief / Elders / Applied Spirituality / Clergy

Municipality - Parliamentary Leadership - Servant Leadership

Celebration of Life - Vigilance - Tears - Energy - "Spark" - Calibration

Electricity- Protective Instinct

Guidance / Fears and Tears - Love and Time / Nature / Nurture

Stars / The Soul / The Sun and Universal Energy

Languages and Emotion Literacy Skill Development

Safety and Conservation - Root Values and Ecosystems - Sustainability

Agriculture / Flora / Fauna / Climate Change / Ocean / Lake / Water / Food - Soil

Business / Economics / Computer Science / Migration and Patterns of Nature

Aviation / Engineer / Pilot / Driver / Conductor / Transport Operator

Simulation (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)

Police Services - National Guard

Defense, Security, Leadership Science

Human Rights, Ecosystems and Peace Culture Development

Preparedness, Climate Change and Safety

Health Sciences Foundations / Essential Skills Foundations

Space / Time / Continuum - The Singularity - E=ME2

Isolation / Quarantine / 2 Week Self Assessment

Certification's and Testing

Technology - Pioneers

Migrant and Culture Stories / The Essentials

Practicum Learning - CBT

Police, / Security / Doctor / Physician / Nurse / Practitioner /

Social Worker / Clergy / Case Worker / Psych / Health /

Home and Care Healer / Educator / Assistant / Entrepreneur

Arts Therapy / Grief / Child / Teen / At Risk Youth / Men / Women

Service Learning / Job Skills

Mental / Emotional Health / Trauma / Stress / Vigilance

Leadership Consulting - ME Skills Leader

Crisis Intervention / Prevention

Trauma Stress Management

Sustainability Alternative and Health Research

Marijuana as Medicine, Emotional Intelligence Development

Climate Change, Task Based Learning

Systematic Problem Solving

Migrant and Literacy Skills Culture Assessment

Job Skills Work Experience - Service Learning - Food Banks, EI - Social Services

I AM ME - Adult - Global Market Place - Job Skills Training

Experience Canada

The Red Line

Obstacles On Course

Arts, Energy, Balance and Stress Management

Games / Systematic Problem Solving

Sports / Arts Therapy / Sustainability Education

Blended / Online / In Residence

Outdoor Workshops / Games / Level Up the Play

Sports / Educator / Leadership / Health Services

Get Into the Zone - ME SKILLS Sports / Food for Life

Arts Therapy / Job Skills / Travel Learning

I AM ME - Service Learning Applications -Food Sustainability

Birds, Bees, Bison, Bears, Beef, Chicken, Jam, Venison, Pork, Potatoes

Spices, Fish, Turkey, Shrimp, Sausage, Veg, Nuts, Oils, Sauces

Wheat and Barley - The Food Pallet / Animal / Plant / People / Root Values

Migration / ECOSYSTEMS - Patterns, Textiles and Tapestries

History - Leaders in the Fields - Keeping It Real

The Arts - Appreciation- Cottage Country Living - The Deal

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Please Upload and Develop Portfolio's on the ABC-IQ portal.

Please provide the link to your examiner.

As We Progress the ABC-IQ Data Base, We Will Provide the Basic Foundation

Tips, Tokens and Structure For Your Learning Support

Users May Also Develop a Private Facebook Page to House Content

For Education Purposes / Celebration of Life Cycles / Root Values Nature and Sustainability

Environmental Ecosystems - Preservation - Conservation

Please Kindly Enroll In Program and Job Skills Portfolio, Pay the Fee and Proceed.

Portfolio Skills Presentations, Travel Learning, Practicums and Conference - Fees Paid Separately

Certification Conferences are Held Once Per Term

Please Check the Event Schedule and Check In With

Our Team and Curation Partners

Applied Skills Portfolios - Demonstrate Knowledge Across the Multiple Intelligence's


Community Based Training CBT

Reflections / Show How You Know / Applied Knowledge / What you did with this knowledge.

Answer the Questions in the Mind Science Training Video

Purchase Your Copy of Mind Science Book on Amazon

Create Job Skills Portfolio Completing Daily Arts Literacy

Systematic Problem Solving Activities

Choose Your Adventure Learning - Please Keep Course Receipt

Certificate Issuance / Practitioner / Course / Training Completion

Document Your Experience

Affiliate Platform Courses / Documentation for Your Program / Track

Select Courses from Your Chosen Portal / Teacher of Program

Completing the Foundations and Training as Per Structured by ABC-IQ

Users May Choose Up to 7 Additional Courses and Lab Fees to Supplement Programs

Labs are limited due to seats available.

User Fees Must be Paid in Full for Each Lab Experience

Pending Level of Desired Expertise

Culture Experience Top 5 - Tips, Tunes, Tones, Experiences, Take Away's

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Moments of Reflection / Applications

Experiences for Gratitude and Appreciation

Networked 9 - Top 10

3 Term Sessions / 4 Months Per Session / Seasonal Learning

Term 1 Jan - April

Term 2 May - August

Term 3 - Sept - December

Summer Session - July / August / Training Camps - Professionals / Development

Please Consult the Schedule of Events or

Visit Your Nearest Registered ABC-IQ Skills Center

Life Skills

Leaders - Principled Principals

Please Consult the Schedule or Contact ABC-IQ for Organizational Training

Present Your Collected Tokens and Tips Demonstrating Findings / Solutions

Discovery - Asses The Grid - Check In- Feel The Heat-

Residency / Skills Lab Completion Work The Street / Feel the Heat

March The Beat / Pound the Pavement North, East, South and West

Experience Life -

The Red Line / Tips, Tokens, Take Away's

Job Skills Portfolio

Check Out Recovery

ABC-IQ 's Adult Education Program of Skills Education Ensures Global

Accessibility and Adhere's to All Standards of Compliance as Outlined

in United Nations, Human Rights Protocols, Chambers, Confederations,

Treaties, Charters, Federations and Independent States Mandates

Please kindly ensure that you have access to your ABC-IQ Portal account to access ABC-IQ playlists.

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To work with us please kindly book an appointment with us.

We aim to help you grow yourself and your team to succeed.

Literacy Skills Foundations Leveling Up the Play Programs

Please Kindly Be Mindful of Pace and Structure of Information,

User Privacy, Codes of Conduct for Platform Usage, Storage and

Retrieval of Information, Accessibility and Portal Exchange.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope that you enjoy the experience.

Please kindly write a letter to us via the address of the Manitoba Curbside Canada Post.

Or alternatively contact us via landline telephone corporate head office to reach out to us.

If you would like to give the gift of knowledge,

please purchase an ABC-IQ gift card for the code.

We will enroll your team and further curate your social enterprise request.

Artist - The Walton's - In the Meantime

Course Curriculum

  Workshop - Work Through Independent Course Offerings Pages Self Reflecting / Stress Test / The Spark Charge "YES"...OMG The Lie Detector Test /Heart Center Energy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sports - Subject to Environmental Equipment and Support Availability / Obstacles On Course
Available in days
days after you enroll
  To Contemplate - The State of the Union / Global World / Care for Community and the People Around You / The Patch / Do the men make the rules and the women keep them?
Available in days
days after you enroll

Experience Canada ME Skills by ABC-IQ

Collect Your Tips and Tokens Along The Trail to Proceed

Collect Your Tips and Tokens Along Your Journey

Present to Your Examiner for Certifications, Conferences and Graduations at any of our

Registered ABC-IQ Certification Centers

Have Fun....We Wish You A Lifetime of Joy, Happiness and Success

For Love...of the Experience

Please Check Parameters for Scholarship Opportunities

Your Instructor


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Arts Therapy / Workshops / Systematic Problem Solving / Travel Learning / Cultural Differentiation / Games / Tips, Tokens, Quiz, Stories, Challenges and Experience Learning

Independent / Group Learning ME TIME Self Skills

Arts Appreciation Dances Spins Jigs and Reels by ABC-IQ

We hope that we can inspire you to a life of happiness, health and healing. Feel the tone and tune of fun and happiness in all that you do. This feeling sets your standard in all that you choose. Enjoy life...feel the experience.....feel the music.....in the house...of the rising sun.....find joy.....try...aim high....reach for the stars....set gold standards for yourself and apply...for love of the experience.

Happy Canada Day by ABC-IQ

July 1 - Canadian Federation - National Independence


A portion of all ABC-IQ proceeds are given to support communities in need. Our programs promote sustainable social enterprise and green communities.

ABC-IQ areas of research focus on diagnostics, Marijuana as Medicine and auto immune disease.

ABC-IQ Tips - Digestible Bite Sized Bits of Literacy Skills Tips - Proudly Canadian

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview - Workshops / Training / Enrollment
ABC-IQ provides distance learning 365 days per year through technology. Choose day or evening independent learning. Travel Learning Weekend Workshops / Day Learning Check In 8:30 AM / Evening Workshop 6:00 pm / Evening 11:00 PM.
What about liability and responsibility?
You agree that by participating in our workshops or training events that you release ABC-IQ of all liabilities and responsibilities for the choices of your actions, reactions and results, based on this learning experience. This workshop is designed to be informative and support one with stress management strategies for life's obstacles on course. If you are in need of immediate medical attention, please consult your local Doctor or health care service provider. You agree to take full responsibility for your thought and agree to waive all liability and responsibility of ABC-IQ. You are free to purchase your own travel and accident insurance.
What time does the day workshop take place?
Job Skills and day workshops begin with registration at 8:30 am, giving you time to prepare your learning space for the workshop beginning at 9:00 am. We encourage you enjoy the morning sunshine with the perfect cup of coffee while enjoying natures paint beginning the day with a morning meditation and body tune up - Top 5.
Mind Science CBT Self Study Book - Digital / Book Supports
Mind Science is available for purchase on the ABC-IQ portal for digital download or the Amazon Portal for distribution. All materials are registered and trademarked by ABC-IQ.
How do we pay you? Payment Processing Distribution
We have developed and scaled this learning platform for global accessibility. Some members are curated by our partners and utilize this site for free, others pay the enrollment fees per course offering. Each program and course offering is offered in a variety of formats. Please kindly e-transfer your fee, curb side pick up or online processing of your fee through PayPal. We also accept western union and certified checks.
How do we collaborate with you?
We provide training, consulting and assessment services. You can also sponsor our programs sharing ABC-IQ Tips in your environments or invest and support the development of our technologies.
How do I graduate or become certified?
Conferences, graduations and certifications are held three times per year / pending geographical location. Please consult the schedule for Travel Learning. Technology allows for independent student learning. Students have one year from entry to complete the desired program before re-enrolling / re-payment or leveling up to the next program. Please kindly visit a registered ABC-IQ Skills Center for your certification issuance.
How long are ABC-IQ programs, residencies and community based training programs?
Programs vary in length from one day workshop -4 Weeks - 6 week courses, three month terms, 6 months of self application to one year of self study. In residence / country labs account for 40% of student grade. Students must be present for face / face / group and individual learning labs.
How much are the fees?
Please consult the training package rates. Our lab fees may vary depending on your chosen experience.
What are the regular fees and requirements?
We charge a monthly subscription fee for service for using the platform. Please see package offerings depending on screen viewing and users.
What time does the evening celebration begin? Dusk / 10 pm Dusk / Central Standard Time / in Manitoba
Evening fireworks and displays begin at 10 pm. Please kindly bring your lawn chair and or remain in your vehicle or proceed to the designated viewing areas. Please be mindful of beverage containers, waste and cleaning up the trail after your participation. We hope that you enjoy the show.
Do you offer transport services to and from the venue?
Depending on your size of party and needs, we can support with transportation arrangements. Please see the list of service options available.
What about accommodations and venues?
ABC-IQ training is held at a variety of different venues to support the learning experience. Please see the listed offerings for service area programs, experiences and curation partners. ABC-IQ programs are offered in a variety of different geographical locations, venues and offerings to support the maximized learning experience. Boats, hotels, tents, oceans, lakes, campsites. Choose your adventure in learning.

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