Political Leadership

Parties, Ideologies and Leadership Styles

1 Year Study- The challenges of leadership in the 21st century.

Counseling and Leadership .....Recovery.......The path to achieve and succeed.

Logic Model - Development Assess the Grid - Elements, influences and indicators of culture impeding evolution in the 21st century.

Building ABC-IQ Applications - Skills education system through gaming developing wearable technologies generating big data on the impact of alternative health practice on the climate of the body. (Assessment Testing site - data screening / health care / COVID-Isolation / long term care / police / leaders grief / anger management - social services / Planned Parenthood, Residencies Recovery

Questions for Exploration - Literacy Skills and Leadership - Mindfulness - Clean and Green Energies - The "Brain" The Body Wash ...Fire Starters and The Books - Human Rights Human Fights

The Syntax of the SIN - The Word...The Thought...OMG...Oh my Buddah, Allah Akbar, T-zone...The Cross....The Thorn....Trees....Dirt and Sustainability - "Sacre Bleu" Language and faith in Science (Positive negative attention to words through thought, feeling, belief and application)

The context of language and the impact on communities.

Equality vs equity - pay equity and the valuation of the dollar, women / men - How do educators teach equality when inherently the system tells people they are not equal?

Vito and the Voice - Can free speech and free thought, the basis and foundations of thought of all education systems on the planet be taught in societies that are not free? Does the VITO mean having a voice and choice of representation for all?

The legal age for tax deductions of students for employment is 16, as the student contributes to the taxation system, therefore, should they be allowed to vote, yes or no?

Should the voting age be dropped to 17? Should students be required to work for community service for course credit from the ages 16 - 18 to instill a sense of contribution to community without the expectation of monetary reward? Service learning / elders / youth??

Electoral college - Should the popular vote determine leaders in federal elections? yes or no

Should the price of gas and oil be regulated?

Should all countries on the planet not be given equal opportunity for representation at the governing boards of institutions at organizations such as the United Nations or Federation of Sovereign Nations regardless of size GDP?

Should there be stricter monitoring and regulation of the Federal Reserve Monetary system ensuring compliance, representation, ethical economics and sustainability?

Would the world benefit from a common wealth currency valuation ensuring peace and sustainability in economics?

Publishing - Sponsorship / Partners / Big Data Test -

Course / lab in Development - The Free Thought Project - Towards independence, sovereignty and the development of sustainable communities - protective vs defensive policing...2030

Women Leadership Reflections

Margaret Thatcher

Eva Peron

Indira Gandhi

John F. Kennedy

Pierre Elliot Trudeau - Former Prime Minister of Canada

John Deifenbaker

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ABC-IQ Skills Education
ABC-IQ Skills Education

ABC-IQ skills programs and applications are complementary to any curriculum, providing educator, health specialist, leader, youth and parent support training, all available online with support options of in residence consultation, risk assessment and personalized learning training.

ABC-IQ was founded on the belief that all people are unique and are capable of learning. Celebrating cultural diversity as our strength with joy setting our standard for life, we utilize technology as a support tool providing global skill programs of education through utilizing software as a service, software as a teaching tool and interactive applications.

ABC-IQ's signature training program Mind Science, develops strategic design thinking strategies, critical thinking, principle and value based leadership skills bringing together the greatest collection of thought processes, principles and strategies applying positive psychology, the law of attraction and emotional intelligence across the multiple intelligence's.

ABC-IQ has a number of preparedness, mental and emotional health, Youth, job and career skills courses on offer. Courses in the areas of organizational culture, finance, international business management, critical thinking, design thinking, writing, self skills training, mental and emotional health arts literacy / arts therapies, essential oil's, astronomy, leadership, classroom management, entrepreneurship, success, the law of attraction, emotional intelligence and I AM ME job and career skills portfolio development.

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