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After Before Christ Intelligence Quotient
Atomic Energy TIME (t) (I)
(v ∞ Veritas Mind Science) (E=ME²) (O9, Δ9)

Specializing Cannabinol Pathic Medicine (Phase 2 Clinical In Development

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ABC-IQ Internet Television

Leaders Vision
Career Skills Core

11 Weeks +1 Year - Online Program

Delivered in English Language

Field Experience


Home Remote Distance Learning

Internet Television Assistive Technologies

Mind Science Subject

Personalized Education

Applying the

Law of Attraction to

the Multiple Intelligences.

Teacher - Principal - Resource - Specialist

Ready Made Lesson Plans, Audio, Video, Internet Television Professional Development

Integrated Curriculum

Canada, USA, UK, International Baccalaureate

Teacher Instructor Education & Training

Field Experience, Creativity Action and Service, Apprentice

Adult Education Career Skills Core

Plant Pharmacology Research
Physician Specialization

Diagnostics Tool +Chat GPT Prompting

Interactive Technologies
Essentials Reading

Thesis Statement 2014 Transitioning Education Models from Industrialized to Knowledge

Thesis Statement E=ME2 A Unified Theory

Working Formula (2023)

Atomic Energy TIME (t)(∞Veritas Mind Science Subject) (E=ME²) (◯9,Δ9)

CBT - Conditional Response
Phase 2 Clinical Tool Diagnostics - Health Practitioner Residency / Apprentice - Clinical Phase 2

Diagnostics Mobile / Root Lab Growth

Alchemy, Apothecary & Botanicals


Systematic Problem Solving

Problem Based Learning

Arena, Stadium, Resort, Vessel

R and R retreat

Personalized Learning

Empowering Workforces for the Future of Work